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Application Process Calendar
Getting Started

Our Preliminary Application form (Entrepreneurship Readiness Analysis) is now available on line (Click Here).  Fill the form out completely, and submit it to us by pressing the "submit" button.  We will review your completed application and place you in one of two categories:

      A. Applicants who seem very ready to go.  You will be asked to submit a more detailed business plan about your business.  Help in preparing this is available from the Skylands Small Business Development Center.  If you need funding, you should also file a loan application at this time with our local bank consortium.

      B. Applicants who want more support in getting started.  You will be asked to work with the Skylands Small Business Development Center.  They will offer support in selecting a business idea or in evaluating your strengths and weaknesses for developing a retail business.  Their support will be through both class sessions held here in Newton, and through one-on-one sessions with their counselors. 
              If you are in this group, your application will then be resubmitted
              as soon as you feel you are ready to go ahead.

Applications will be grouped and reviewed on the 1st and 15th of each month.  Decisions will be made within a week each time.

So far, 3 out of our 5 tenant spaces are filled.  Once we have enough qualified retailers to fill the incubator, we will put a notice on this site.  When this occurs, we would like to establish a waiting list so we can quickly fill vacancies when our incubator tenants successfully move on to full stores.


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