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How It Works
- The Basic Requirements

If you are selected as part of the incubator, it means that the committee thinks your business plan is likely to be successful. Assuming you decide to proceed, here is how the incubator will work. Rental of your unit will begin at $370 per month for the smaller individual units. There is an option of signing up for double units. The rent will include heat, air conditioning, Spring Street window display space, town permits, electric, secure wireless or wired Internet connection, fire/burglar alarm, and group advertising.

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Rents are due in advance with a three month deposit. You can decide to leave the incubator with three months' notice. This could occur because you wish to move up to your own storefront, your business is not thriving, or any other reason. You can sell your business to another party, but the committee must approve the new owner before they can take over the lease.

We expect no one to stay in the incubator for more than three years. Our purpose is to give you a chance to begin a retail business in Newton at a reduced entry cost, to give you a supportive environment to establish your clientele, and help with a smooth transition to your own individual or shared storefront on or before your third anniversary.

Your rent will increase on each anniversary so that your eventual move out will not be too great a financial shock, and you can determine that you will be able to afford to go on your own. This will also help subsidize the new first year tenants.

The incubator store hours will be 11 AM to 6 PM (8 PM pm Thursdays), 6 days per week. You can hire your own associates so that you can get away from time to time. If there is enough interest, we will hire a roving assistant so you can schedule regular time away. 

It is important that all stores be open during these hours so that people begin to know that Newton’s Spring Street is open for business. Our local restaurants do a very good evening business, and retailers are beginning to discover that folks often browse and shop after a meal out.

Our most successful new retailer has discovered that her Sunday and Monday clientele is different from those that shop on other days. So SPRINGBOARD will join her to take the lead in developing Spring Street as the local alternative to the mall.

We will expect all of our incubator members to maintain an attractive, well merchandised space, which contributes to the feeling of an upscale shopping experience, with unique products and/or special attention which will draw customers back.

Spring Street is developing this image, with some attractive new shops, upgrades of existing shops, art galleries, and some excellent restaurants. There are opportunities to build on this beginning. We hope you’ll join the SPRINGBOARD SHOPPES and will help continue the development of this thriving local downtown.


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